Title: Between Islam and the American Dream: An Immigrant Muslim Community in Post-9/11 America, Author: Yuting Wang
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Title: American Dreams, Suburban Nightmares: Suburbia as a Narrative Space between Utopia and Dystopia in Contemporary American Cinema, Author: Melanie Smicek
Title: Consciousness Redux: Waking, Sleeping, Dreaming, and States in-between: Collected Papers of Martin H. Stein, M. D. / Edition 1, Author: Martin H. Stein
Title: German Jews in Palestine, 1920-1948: Between Dream and Reality, Author: Claudia Sonino
Title: Dreaming of Freedom in South Africa: Literature Between Critique and Utopia, Author: David Johnson
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Title: Seeking the Common Dreams Between Worlds: Stories of Chinese Immigrant Faculty in North American Higher Education (Hc), Author: Yan M.SC Wang