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Title: The Life And Legend Of Leadbelly, Author: Charles Wolfe
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Title: In Close Harmony: The Story of the Louvin Brothers, Author: Charles Wolfe
Title: A Good-Natured Riot: The Birth of the Grand Ole Opry, Author: Charles K. Wolfe
Title: Liavek 3: The Players of Luck, Author: Will Shetterly
Title: Folk Music in Overdrive: A Primer on Traditional Country and Bluegrass Artists, Author: Ivan Tribe
Title: The Story of the Dulcimer, Author: Ralph Lee Smith
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Title: The Devil's Box: Masters of Southern Fiddling, Author: Charles Wolfe
Title: Urbanism Without Effort: Reconnecting with First Principles of the City, Author: Charles R. Wolfe
Title: La Philosophie de la biologie avant la biologie: Une histoire du vitalisme, Author: Charles Wolfe
Title: Stroke Services: Policy and Practice Across Europe, Author: Charles Wolfe
Title: Meet John Doe: Frank Capra, Director (Rutgers Films in Print), Author: Charles Wolfe
Title: Pro Magic: The Art of Professional Deck Construction, Author: George H. Baxter
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Title: The ManBible: A comprehensive guide to women and dating., Author: Charles Wolfe McMellon
Title: Folk Songs of Middle Tennessee: The George Boswell Collection, Author: Charles K. Wolfe
Title: The Women of Country Music: A Reader, Author: Charles K. Wolfe
Title: Classic Country: Legends of Country Music, Author: Charles K. Wolfe
Title: The Body as Object and Instrument of Knowledge: Embodied Empiricism in Early Modern Science / Edition 1, Author: Charles T. Wolfe
Title: Hugo Gernsback's The Electrical Experimenter plus Science and Invention and Radio News, Author: Charles S. Wolfe
Title: Properly Resourcing the Shape Pillar of the National Military Strategy, Author: Charles W. Wolfe
Title: Mahalia Jackson: Gospel Singer, Author: Charles K. Wolfe

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