Title: Aretha Franklin: Legendary Singer, Author: Duchess  Harris
Title: The Queen: Aretha Franklin, Author: Mikal Gilmore
Title: Aretha Franklin: The Queen of Soul, Author: Charlotte Etinde-Crompton
Title: I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love You: Aretha Franklin, Respect, and the Making of a Soul Music Masterpiece, Author: Matt Dobkin
Title: The Fan Who Knew Too Much: Aretha Franklin, the Rise of the Soap Opera, Children of the Gospel Church, and Other Meditations, Author: Anthony Heilbut
Title: Aretha Franklin and Her
Title: Queen of Soul Aretha Franklin and Her Hit Records: An Analysis of Lyrics and
Title: Higher Ground: Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Curtis Mayfield, and the Rise and Fall of American Soul, Author: Craig Werner
Title: Soul Covers: Rhythm and Blues Remakes and the Struggle for Artistic Identity (Aretha Franklin, Al Green, Phoebe Snow), Author: Michael Awkward
Title: Respect: The Life and Times of Aretha Franklin, Author: Jennifer Warner

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