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Title: A Line 2 Die 4, Author: Jimmy James
Title: Wow! This is Insane!, Author: Bobby Alvarez
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Title: The Edge: A Folly Beach Mystery, Author: Bill Noel
Title: The Twinning Verse Three: The Song of the Seraphim, Author: Justin R. Cary
Title: Kokopelli's Thunder: Fall of the Anasazi, Author: Sean M. Cordry
Title: The Puppet Show, Author: Jason King
Title: Imperfect, Author: D. C. Shaftoe
Title: Awake and Alive: Revolutionize Your Relationships through Personal Revolution Therapy TM, Author: Dr. James Triana
Title: Fixing the Problem: Making Changes in How You Deal with Challenges, Author: Dr. G.L. Reed
Title: The Chronicles of Elcreon: The Maze of Monsters, Author: Steffani Draigar
Title: In Green Sleep: A Tour of Duty, Author: Jerry Ackerman
Title: Jalal: A Story of the Iranian Revolution, Author: M. Foroozandeh
Title: Bleeding Tree, Author: Wendy Moser
Title: Chubzy and the Magic Piper, Author: Dr. Broomstickle
Title: Vlors & Vice: The Hunt, Author: Sean L Johnson
Title: The Womb Cries Out:
Title: Digging for Death: A Mac and Maggie Mason Mystery - Book 1, Author: Charles P. Frank
Title: The Prairie Monster, Author: Ronald S. Martinez Sr.
Title: My Two Years of Dating The Devil Himself: Be Careful What You Ask For, Because You Might Just Get It, Author: MEZERIAH Pyatt
Title: A Step Back, Author: P. J. Wetzelaer and B. A. Johnson

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