Title: A Vampire For Rose, Author: L Wells
Title: Teen Ghost at Dead Lake (A Young Adult Haunted House Mystery), Author: R. Barri Flowers
Title: An Angel For Rose, Author: L Wells
Title: Order of the Royal Daughters, Author: Jay Wilburn
Title: The Fomorians, Author: John Triptych
Title: Ann Rinaldi: Historian and Storyteller, Author: Jeanne M. McGlinn
Title: Billionaire Romance: Christmas Lover, Author: Violet Walker
Title: Young Adult Book 2: Katon (#2), Author: Jennifer Dee
Title: Bitter Cold, Author: Anabelle Seymour
Title: The Fomorians (Wrath of the Old Gods (Young Adult), #2), Author: John Triptych
Title: Shojo Manga: Text-Bild-Verhaltnisse und Narrationsstrategien im japanischen und deutschen Manga fur Madchen, Author: Kristin Eckstein
Title: Billionaire Romance: Out of Lies, Author: Violet Walker
Title: Rivals (Skid Young Adult Racing Series, #2), Author: Doug Solter
Title: Prodigies of Young Adult: Limited Edition II, Author: N.W. Harris
Title: Accidental Ashes, Author: Sara C. Roethle
Title: Eye of Balor, Author: John Triptych
Title: Legends (Skid Young Adult Racing Series, #3), Author: Doug Solter
Title: Books Kids Will Sit Still For 3: A Read-Aloud Guide, Author: Judy Freeman
Title: Norma Fox Mazer: A Writer's World, Author: Arthea J.S. Reed

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