Title: Houdini on Magic, Author: Walter B. Gibson
Title: The Forms Of Music, Author: Donald Francis Tovey
Title: Youthful diligence and future greatness, a book for the young, Author: William King Tweedie
Title: Washington After The Revolution, Mdcclxxxiv-Mdccxcix, Author: William Spohn Baker
Title: Frederic Francois Chopin, Author: Charles Willeby
Title: Serbian Folk-Lore, Author: Elodie Lawton Mijatovic
Title: Manual Of Practical Indexing - Including Arrangement Of Subject Catalogues, Author: Archibald Leycester Clarke
Title: Journal Of A Tour To Waterloo And Paris, In Company With Sir Walter Scott, In 1815, Author: John Scott
Title: Astrology In Medicine The Fitzpatrick Lectures Delivered Before The Royal College Of Physicians On November 6 And 11, 1913 With Addendum On Saints And Signs, Author: Charles Arthur Mercier
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Title: Remembrancer - Geography, On A New And Improved Plan, Topographically Demonstrated, Author: Benjamin Gleason
Title: Chauvenet's Treatise on Elementary Geometry, Author: William Chauvenet
Title: Van Bibber And Others, Author: Richard Harding Davis
Title: Studies In Psychiatry - Vol. 1, Author: Anon.
Title: Hydrostatics And Elementary Hydrokinetics, Author: George M. Minchin
Title: History Of The Conquest Of Mexico, Author: William H Prescott
Title: Architectural Engineering - With Special Reference To High Building Construction - Including Many Examples Of Chicago Office Buildings, Author: Joseph Kendall Freitag
Title: Bibliography Of The Chinese Question In The United States, Author: Robert Ernest Cowan
Title: Teeth, Their Natural History, Author: Ephraim Mosely
Title: The History of Acadia, from Its Discovery to Its Surrender to England, by the Treaty of Paris, Author: James Hannay
Title: History and Poetry of the Scottish Border - Their Main Features and Relations -, Author: John Veitch

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