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Title: The Ups and Downs of Growing Older: Beyond Seventy Years of Living, Author: Viola B. Mecke Ph.D. ABPP
Title: Mila's Star of the Week Story, Author: Cary Gonser
Title: Manny the Mushroom, Author: Jake Stephens
Title: Inside Graceland: Elvis' Maid Remembers, Author: Nancy Rooks
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Title: A Love Story Between 2 Worlds!, Author: Charlie Lord
Title: Sky Ark, Author: Kevin J. Jacobs
Title: God Is My Copilot: To Fly Life, Love, and the Cosmos, Author: Kenneth L. Atkins
Title: Trust Is a Double-Edged Sword: Trust Me, Author: Waywill
Title: Auntie Helen's Alphabet Book, Author: Helen Robertson
Title: Agent 2.0, Author: Magdaline Thompson
Title: The Magic in the World, Author: Dr. Fariba P. Ansari
Title: Trials of a Dead Lawyer's Wife: A True Story, Author: Maggie Redmon
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Title: Nursing Shorts: Stories About Being a Nurse by a Nurse, Author: Vennie Anderson
Title: A Sunday on a Monday, Author: E.L.  Jones
Title: Choosing to Lift Every Voice and Sing: A Series of Faith-Based and Patriotic Mini-Seminars for Teaching and Mentoring African American Youth (And Their Friends of All Races), Author: Elizabeth Branch EdD
Title: Ultimate Texas Hold Em: A Pocket Guide, Author: Michael Wehking
Title: Israel's Intrepid Warrior: The Dauntless Courage of Samson, Author: Author Oliver Wright
Title: Collective Voices from the Village: A Reflective Keepsake Journal for Young Women, Author: Trudi A. Williams Ed.D.
Title: In the Face of Adversity a Black Man Triumphs, Author: Asaad Davis
Title: Palabras Y Más Palabras, Author: Gloria Martínez Castillo

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