Title: Mahayk and the Barber of Lyle, Author: Norman S. Delisle
Title: I Swear to Tell the Truth So Help Me God, Author: Minister X
Title: Dying Out West, Author: Lloyd Guptill
Title: Great Grandma's Shawl, Author: Diana Levine
Title: ROHINHLANHLA-PRINCE OF AFRICA, Author: Jayrene Adriaanse
Title: The Silhoutted Harrassments, Author: Sixtus Ndung'u
Title: The Pastor's Prostitute, Author: Yemi Adebiyi
Title: Ginny's Dictionary in Other Words, Author: Ginny
Title: Zatch's Prophecy, Author: J. J. Sarama
Title: Casualties of Life, Author: J'Nette C. Bryant
Title: Teach Me Something Real, Author: Dori Seider
Title: Unheard Testimony, Author: M.C. Knight
Title: Toni Wolff's Forms: She Moves in Circles: Vital Links to the Archaic Mind, Author: Rachel Fitzgerald
Title: Un Quintet de Brahms, Author: Eugen Giurgiu
Title: Trust and Faith, Author: Sophie McGee
Title: Starlight, Author: Wendy Soria
Title: Poems of a Woman, Author: Kacee-Leigh Ramsey-Anderson
Title: The Sphere, Author: Corneel Booysen
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Title: Inspirations, Author: Krishna Patel
Title: Blood Cheaper Than Oil, Author: Alexander Jr. Molnar

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