Title: Costume and Fashion, Author: Amy de la Haye
Title: Japanese Art, Author: Joan Stanley-Baker
Title: The Art of Contemporary China, Author: Jiang Jiehong
Title: New Media in Art, Author: Michael Rush
Title: Art and Myth in Ancient Greece: Second Edition, Author: Thomas H. Carpenter
Title: Contemporary African Art: Second Edition, Author: Sidney Littlefield Kasfir
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Title: Central and Eastern European Art Since 1950, Author: Maja Fowkes
Title: Concise History of Modern Painting (World of Art), Author: Herbert Read
Title: Fauvism (World of Art), Author: Sarah Whitfield
Title: Abstract Art: Second Edition, Author: Anna Moszynska
Title: Art of the Middle Ages, Author: Janetta Rebold Benton
Title: Art in California, Author: Jenni Sorkin
Title: Photomontage, Author: Dawn Ades
Title: Thames & Hudson Dictionary of Fashion and Fashion Designers, Second Edition / Edition 2, Author: Georgina O'Hara Callan
Title: Greek Art, Author: John Boardman
Title: Oceanic Art, Author: Nicholas Thomas
Title: Constable (World of Art), Author: Michael Rosenthal
Title: Roman Art and Architecture (World of Art), Author: Mortimer Wheeler
Title: Minoan & Mycenaean Art (World of Art), Author: Reynold Higgins
Title: Art Deco (World of Art), Author: Alastair Duncan

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