Title: Rainbow And The Worm, The: The Physics Of Organisms (3rd Edition) / Edition 3, Author: Mae-wan Ho
Title: Stem Cells: An Insider's Guide, Author: Paul Knoepfler
Title: Beyond The Galaxy: How Humanity Looked Beyond Our Milky Way And Discovered The Entire Universe, Author: Ethan Siegel
Title: How To Read And Critique A Scientific Research Article: Notes To Guide Students Reading Primary Literature (With Teaching Tips For Faculty Members), Author: Foong May Yeong
Title: Cures Vs. Profits: Successes In Translational Research, Author: James Lyons-weiler
Title: Facts And Mysteries In Elementary Particle Physics (Revised Edition), Author: Martinus J G Veltman
Title: Financial Mathematics For Actuaries (Second Edition), Author: Wai-sum Chan
Title: Beyond The Moon: A Conversational, Common Sense Guide To Understanding The Tides, Author: James Greig Mccully
Paperback $36.57 $38.00 Current price is $36.57, Original price is $38.00.
Title: Evidence-based Handbook Of Neonatology, Author: William Oh
Hardcover $156.17 $161.00 Current price is $156.17, Original price is $161.00.
Title: Basic Physics, Author: Kenneth W Ford
Title: Luminous Pursuit: Jellyfish, Gfp, And The Unforeseen Path To The Nobel Prize, Author: Osamu Shimomura
Title: Origin And Evolution Of The Universe: From Big Bang To Exobiology (Second Edition), Author: Matthew A Malkan
Paperback $46.20 $48.00 Current price is $46.20, Original price is $48.00.
Title: US vs. China: From Trade War to Reciprocal Deal, Author: Thomas W. Pauken II
Title: Kelly Capital Growth Investment Criterion, The: Theory And Practice, Author: Leonard C Maclean
Title: Human Diversity: Its Nature, Extent, Causes And Effects On People, Author: Bernard Charles Lamb
Title: The Struggles And Dreams Of Robert Langer, Author: Robert Langer
Title: Subatomic Physics: An Introduction To Nuclear And Particle Physics, And Astrophysics, Author: Ioannis John Demetrius Vergados
Title: Ceramic Electrolytes For All-solid-state Li Batteries, Author: Masashi Kotobuki
Title: World Scientific Handbook Of Global Health Economics And Public Policy (A 3-volume Set), Author: Richard M Scheffler
Hardcover $1,128.00 $1,200.00 Current price is $1,128.00, Original price is $1,200.00.
Title: Lectures On Differential Geometry, Author: Weihuan Chen

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