Title: The Survival of the Pagan Gods: The Mythological Tradition and Its Place in Renaissance Humanism and Art, Author: Jean Seznec
Title: Images and Symbols: Studies in Religious Symbolism, Author: Mircea Eliade
Title: Prolegomena to the Study of Greek Religion, Author: Jane Ellen Harrison
Title: The Gnostic Jung: Selections From The Writings of C.G. Jung and His Critics, Author: C. G. Jung
Title: Fire in the Dragon and Other Psychoanalytic Essays on Folklore, Author: Géza Róheim
Title: The Egyptian Hermes: A Historical Approach to the Late Pagan Mind, Author: Garth Fowden
Title: Orpheus and Greek Religion: A Study of the Orphic Movement, Author: William Keith Guthrie
Title: The Presence of Siva, Author: S. Kramrisch
Title: The Gardens of Adonis: Spices in Greek Mythology - Second Edition, Author: Marcel Detienne
Title: Creation and the Persistence of Evil: The Jewish Drama of Divine Omnipotence / Edition 1, Author: Jon D. Levenson
Title: Mystic Tales from the Zohar, Author: Aryeh Wineman
Title: The Grail Legend / Edition 2, Author: Emma Jung
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Title: Ancient Christian Magic: Coptic Texts of Ritual Power, Author: Marvin W. Meyer
Title: Ariadne's Clue: A Guide to the Symbols of Humankind, Author: Anthony Stevens
Title: Yoga: Immortality and Freedom, Author: Mircea Eliade
Paperback $33.75 $37.50 Current price is $33.75, Original price is $37.50.
Title: Zen and Japanese Culture, Author: Daisetz T. Suzuki
Paperback $22.45 $24.95 Current price is $22.45, Original price is $24.95.
Title: The Myth of the Eternal Return: Cosmos and History, Author: Mircea Eliade
Title: The Grail: From Celtic Myth to Christian Symbol, Author: Roger Sherman Loomis
Title: Hallaj: Mystic and Martyr - Abridged Edition / Edition 1, Author: Louis Massignon
Title: Malinowski and the Work of Myth, Author: Ivan Strenski

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