Title: Hellenistic Aesthetic / Edition 1, Author: Barbara Hughes Fowler
Title: The Oresteia: Agamemnon, Libation Bearers, and The Holy Goddesses, Author: Aeschylus
Title: Oedipus at Colonus, Author: Sophocles
Title: Ctesias' Persica<i/> in Its Near Eastern Context, Author: Matt Waters
Title: The Athenian Adonia in Context: The Adonis Festival as Cultural Practice, Author: Laurialan Reitzammer
Title: Ctesias' Persica in Its Near Eastern Context, Author: Matt Waters
Title: Complete Poetry of Catullus, Author: Catullus
Title: The Matter of the Page: Essays in Search of Ancient and Medieval Authors, Author: Shane Butler
Title: Antigone, Author: Sophocles
Title: Repeat Performances: Ovidian Repetition and the Metamorphoses<i/>, Author: Laurel Fulkerson
Title: Trojan Women, Helen, Hecuba: Three Plays about Women and the Trojan War, Author: Euripides
Title: Odes, Author: Horace
by Horace
Title: The Play of Allusion in the Historia Augusta<i/>, Author: David Rohrbacher
Title: Women in Roman Republican Drama, Author: Dorota Dutsch
Title: The Slave in Greece and Rome, Author: Jean Andreau
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Title: Virgil and Joyce: Nationalism and Imperialism in the Aeneid and Ulysses, Author: Randall J. Pogorzelski
Title: Language and Authority in De Lingua Latina: Varro's Guide to Being Roman, Author: Diana Spencer
Title: In the Flesh: Embodied Identities in Roman Elegy, Author: Erika Zimmermann Damer
Title: Insults in Classical Athens, Author: Deborah Kamen
Title: Couched in Death: Klinai and Identity in Anatolia and Beyond, Author: Elizabeth P. Baughan

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