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Title: Mouth of the Donkey, Author: Laura Duhan-Kaplan
Title: Listening Well: The Art of Empathic Understanding, Author: William R. Miller
Title: Burnt Pot Island, Author: Karen Dove Barr
Title: Praying the Psalms: Engaging Scripture and the Life of the Spirit, Author: Walter Brueggemann
Title: Since Babylon, Author: Allen P. Stouffer
Title: Tombs of Little Egypt, Author: James Varga
Title: Reading John, Author: Christopher W. Skinner
Title: Into the Deep: An Unlikely Catholic Conversion, Author: Abigail Rine Favale
Title: Advice from Aristotle, Author: Andrew Younan
Title: The Spiritual Danger of Donald Trump, Author: Ronald J. Sider
Title: Your Jesus Is too Small: The Collapse of Christian Character, Author: Douglas J. Miller
Title: The Most Reluctant Convert, Author: David C. Downing
Title: Illuminating the Secret Revelation of John, Author: Shirley Paulson
Title: An Ethiopian Reading of the Bible, Author: Keon-Sang An
Title: Celebrant's Flame: Daniel Berrigan in Memory and Reflection, Author: Bill Wylie-Kellermann
Title: Jeff's Journey, Author: Rick Herrick
Title: Shoeless: Carmelite Spirituality in a Disquieted World, Author: Donald Wallenfang
Title: Why the Mystics Matter Now, Author: Frederick Bauerschmidt
Title: A New Chronology for the Kings of Israel and Judah and Its Implications for Biblical History and Literature, Author: John H. Hayes
Title: Queering Wesley, Queering the Church, Author: Keegan Osinski

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