Title: Into the Mess and Other Jesus Stories, Author: Debie Thomas
Title: Shetland Mist, Author: Heather Leslie Hammer
Title: Realizing Our Deepest Desires, Author: Bernie SJ Owens
Title: Galloway of Buraan, Author: E. M. Clifford
Title: A Long-Ago Birth in a Right-Now World, Author: Michael B. Brown
Title: Listening Well, Author: William R. Miller
Paperback $13.99 $21.00 Current price is $13.99, Original price is $21.00.
Title: The Prophecy of Ezekiel, Author: Charles L. Feinberg
Title: Too Heavy a Yoke: Black Women and the Burden of Strength, Author: Chanequa Walker-Barnes
Title: Discover the Holy Land: A Travel Guide to Israel and Jordan, Author: Max Miller
Title: Into the Deep: An Unlikely Catholic Conversion, Author: Abigail Rine Favale
eBook $18.99 $25.00 Current price is $18.99, Original price is $25.00.
Title: Resurrection Psychology: An Understanding of Human Personality Based on the Life and Teachings of Jesus, Author: Margaret Alter
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Title: Durable Trades: Family-Centered Economies That Have Stood the Test of Time, Author: Rory Groves
Title: Echoes of the Gospel in Harry Potter, Author: Clay Myatt
Title: In Praise of Civility, Author: James W. Heisig
Title: The Biographies of Jesus' Apostles, Author: James Allen Moseley
Title: Losses in Later Life, Author: R. Scott Sullender
Title: The Shaking of the Foundations, Author: Paul Tillich
Title: The Technological System, Author: Jacques Ellul
Title: Dominican Spirituality, Author: William A. O.P. Hinnebusch
Title: The Most Reluctant Convert, Author: David C. Downing

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