Title: The Tingler
Title: Strait-Jacket
Title: House on Haunted Hill
Title: Let's Kill Uncle
Title: I Saw What You Did
Title: William Castle's The Night Walker
Title: The Spirit Is Willing
Title: When Strangers Marry
Title: The Americano
Director: William Castle
Title: Texas, Brooklyn and Heaven
Title: Vincent Price Double Feature
Title: Hollywood Story
Director: William Castle
Title: Masterson of Kansas
Title: Conquest of Cochise
Title: Bucket of Blood/House on Haunted Hill
Title: Klondike Kate
Director: William Castle
Title: It's a Small World
Title: STEP RIGHT UP!...I'm Gonna Scare the Pants Off America, Author: William Castle
Title: HOUSE ON HAUNTED HILL: A William Castle Annotated Screamplay, Author: Robb White
Title: The Ancestors & Descendants of William Radichal, Author: William Castle

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