Title: The 14th Science Fiction MEGAPACK, Author: Joe W. Haldeman
Title: The Space Opera MEGAPACK: 20 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Tales, Author: John W. Campbell
Title: The Smiling Desperado, Author: Max Brand
Title: Gun Gentlemen, Author: Max Brand
Title: California Schemin': The 2020 Bouchercon Anthology, Author: Scott Turow
Title: The Third Science Fiction MEGAPACK: 26 Modern and Classic Science Fiction Tales, Author: Fritz Leiber
Title: The 10th Science Fiction MEGAPACK, Author: David Gerrold
Title: Pistols For Nobody, Author: Manly Wade Wellman
Title: Wishful Thinking, Author: Barb Goffman
Title: The Cthulhu Mythos MEGAPACK: 40 Modern and Classic Lovecraftian Stories, Author: H. P. Lovecraft
Title: The Werewolf Megapack: 22 Classic and Modern Tales of Shape-Shifters!, Author: Jay Lake
Title: The Far Kingdoms (Anteros Series #1), Author: Allan Cole
Title: The Castle of Otranto, Author: Horace Walpole
Title: The Second Science Fiction Megapack, Author: Robert Silverberg
Title: The 53rd Golden Age of Science Fiction MEGAPACK®, Author: Geoff St. Reynard
Title: The Philip K. Dick MEGAPACK: 15 Classic Science Fiction Stories, Author: Philip K. Dick
Title: The Weird Crime MEGAPACK : 25 Weird Tales of Crime and Mystery!, Author: Talmage Powell
Title: The Third Western Megapack: 22 Classic Tales of the Old West, Author: S. Omar Barker
Title: The Fantasy MEGAPACK, Author: Lester del Rey
Title: Hildegarde Withers in The Riddle of the Blueblood Murders, Author: Stuart Palmer

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