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Title: God, Self and Salvation in a Buddhist Context, Author: Rory Mackenzie
Title: Respect Nature Lover, Author: Mitsuo Fukuda
Title: Developing a Contextualized Church as a Bridge to Christianity in Japan, Author: Mitsuo Fukuda
Title: The Alternative Empire, Author: Tom Wilson
Title: For the Kingdom of God in the Workplace!, Author:
Title: Belong, Experience, Believe, Author: Noriyuki Miyake
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Title: Silk Road Pilgrimage, Author: Pilgrim David
Title: Translating the Testament of God: A plea for the promotion of Bible translation and language development in Africa, Author: Napo Poidi
Title: The Unseen Face of Japan, Author: David C. Lewis
Title: Mentoring Like Barnabas, Author: Mitsuo Fukuda
Title: All United Together: Christian Ministry in Multi-Cultural Schools, Author: Tom Wilson
Title: Naming The Frame, Author: Jonathan Ingleby
Title: After Nicholas: Self-Realization of the Japanese Orthodox Church, 1912-1956, Author: Ilya Kharin
Title: The Earth Will Teach You, Author: Kevin Durrant
Title: Understanding Asian Mission Movements, Author: Kang San Tan
Title: Leadership In Japanese House Churches, Author: Simon Cozens
Title: Christians and Catastrophe, Author: Jonathan Ingleby
Title: Kyung Chun Lover, Author:
Title: Jesus Decoded, Author: Les Marsh
Title: Shattered, Author: Tom Wilson

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