Title: Collected Poems...& Philosophical Essays, Author: Paul Mathews
Title: Poise: A Warrior's Guide, Author: Gary Stokes
Title: Lost in Transition: A Narrative of Bullying, Author: Sanitee T'Chong
Title: I Can Never See My Self, Author: Sanitee T'Chong
Title: The Things We Do for Money...! Everything You Always Wanted to Know about Taxis but the Driver Wouldn't Tell You . ., Author: Paul Mathews
Title: Are They Serious? The Discourses of Family Planning, Bio-Citizenship and Nationalism in the Philippines, Author: Paul Mathews
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Title: Samantha Guimoi & the Trinity of Terror, Author: Sanitee T'Chong
Title: Complementary Therapeutics. A Selected Annotated Bibliography, Author: Paul Mathews
Title: Asian Cam Models: Digital Virtual Virgin Prostitutes?, Author: Paul Mathews
Title: Travellers in Taiwan: Reflections of Formosa, Author: Shi-Hui Lee
Title: Education and EFL in Taiwan: Policy and Practice, Author: Paul Mathews
Title: Male Prostitution: Two Monographs, Author: Paul Mathews
Title: Princes of Beauty. Boy Prostitution in Sydney, Author: Paul Mathews
Title: Travellers in Taiwan (lu ren zai tai wan ) Reflections of Formosa ( ying xiang fu ermosha), Author: Shi-Hui Lee
Title: The Can: Benny & the Gems, Author: Bruce Roberts
Title: Someone Like Me... Of Difference and Anguish, Author: Sanitee T'Chong
Title: My Riddle Book, Author: Jhenna Umali
Title: ROLL ON... a Changi PoW Remembers. The Secret Diary Kept by Corporal Joseph Nutter R.A.M.C., Author: Joseph Nutter
Title: The Magical Shahua and Fifty Shades of Fur, Author: Paul Mathews
Title: A Tale of Two Families, Author: Paul Mathews

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