Title: Aboriginal Environmental Knowledge: Rational Reverence / Edition 1, Author: Catherine Laudine
Title: Mi'kmaq Landscapes: From Animism to Sacred Ecology / Edition 1, Author: Anne-Christine Hornborg
Title: Caribbean Diaspora in the USA: Diversity of Caribbean Religions in New York City, Author: Bettina Schmidt
Title: Aboriginal Religions in Australia: An Anthology of Recent Writings, Author: Françoise Dussart
Title: Karanga Indigenous Religion in Zimbabwe: Health and Well-Being, Author: Tabona Shoko
Title: Progress and Its Impact on the Nagas: A Clash of Worldviews, Author: Tezenlo Thong
Title: Shamanism, Discourse, Modernity, Author: Thomas Karl Alberts
Title: Indigenous Diasporas and Dislocations / Edition 1, Author: Charles D. Thompson Jr.
Title: Critical Reflections on Indigenous Religions, Author: James L. Cox
Title: The World Ayahuasca Diaspora: Reinventions and Controversies, Author: Beatriz Caiuby Labate
Title: The Vitality of Karamojong Religion: Dying Tradition or Living Faith?, Author: Ben Knighton
Title: Religion and Non-Religion among Australian Aboriginal Peoples, Author: James L. Cox
Title: Aboriginal Religions in Australia: An Anthology of Recent Writings / Edition 1, Author: Françoise Dussart
Title: Aboriginal Environmental Knowledge: Rational Reverence, Author: Catherine Laudine
Title: Anishinaabe Ways of Knowing and Being / Edition 1, Author: Lawrence W. Gross
Title: Crafting Contemporary Pagan Identities in a Catholic Society / Edition 1, Author: Kathryn Rountree
Title: Blackfoot Religion and the Consequences of Cultural Commoditization, Author: Kenneth Hayes Lokensgard
Title: African Traditions in the Study of Religion in Africa: Emerging Trends, Indigenous Spirituality and the Interface with other World Religions, Author: Ezra Chitando
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Title: Indigenous Peoples' Wisdom and Power: Affirming Our Knowledge Through Narratives, Author: Julian Kunnie
Title: Mobility, Markets and Indigenous Socialities: Contemporary Migration in the Peruvian Andes / Edition 1, Author: Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard

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