Title: Sideways
Director: Alexander Payne
Title: Candyman - Special Edition
Title: The Magic of Belle Isle
Title: Highlander II - The Quickening
Title: Modern Girls
Title: The Haunting in Connecticut
Title: Fire with Fire
Director: Duncan Gibbins
Title: Zombie High
Director: Ron Link
Title: Firewall
Title: 1985
Director: Yen Tan
Title: Haunting in Connecticut/Stir of Echoes
Title: The Number 23
Director: Joel Schumacher
Title: The Hot Spot Pre-Order Now
Title: Slam Dance
Director: Wayne Wang
Title: Justice League: the Brave and the Bold
Title: Ambushed
Title: The Hot Flashes
Director: Susan Seidelman
Title: The Astronaut Farmer
Director: Michael Polish