Title: Evaluation of New Pentamethoxy Flavonol 'Cordiofolinol', Author: Vichitra Kaushik
Title: Bewertung des neuen bizyklischen Laktons, Author: VICHITRA KAUSHIK
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Title: Evaluation of New Bicyclic Lactone 'Michelianone', Author: VICHITRA KAUSHIK
Title: Avaliação do Novo Lactone Bicyclic, Author: VICHITRA KAUSHIK
Title: Ocena Nowego Bicyklicznego Laktonu, Author: VICHITRA KAUSHIK
Title: Evaluation of New Lupane-Type Triterpene 'Diospyrosonate', Author: Vichitra Kaushik
Title: Evaluation of Triterpenoidal Anti-Inflammatory Principle, Author: Vichitra Kaushik
Title: Preliminary Phytochemical Investigation and Evaluation, Author: Vichitra Kaushik
Title: Valutazione del nuovo lattone ciclistico, Author: VICHITRA KAUSHIK
Title: Évaluation de la nouvelle lactone bicyclique, Author: VICHITRA KAUSHIK