Title: Harm's Way, Author: James E Bassett
Title: A War of Their Own: Bombers Over the Southwest Pacific [Illustrated Edition], Author: Captain Matt Rodman
Title: The Fundamentals Of Soviet 'Razvedka' (Intelligence/Reconnaissance), Author: Colonel David M. Glantz
Title: Dick Bong: Ace Of Aces, Author: General George C. Kenney
Title: Marines In World War II - Iwo Jima: Amphibious Epic [Illustrated Edition], Author: Lt. Col. Whitman S. Bartley USMC
Title: The Cross Of Iron, Author: Willi Heinrich
Title: Island Victory: The Battle Of Kwajalein Atoll, Author: Lt.-Col. Samuel L. A. Marshall
Title: Triumph in the Pacific; The Navy's Struggle Against Japan, Author: E. B. Potter
Title: Marines In World War II - The Campaign On New Britain [Illustrated Edition], Author: Lt. Col. Frank O. Hough
Title: The Great Sea War: The Story Of Naval Action In World War II, Author: E. B. Potter
Title: Admiral Chester W Nimitz's Strategic Leadership During World War 2, Author: CDR David J. Jerabek
Title: Lost Victories: The War Memoirs of Hitler's Most Brilliant General [Illustrated Edition], Author: Erich Von Manstein
Title: Samurai! [Illustrated Edition], Author: Martin Caiden
Title: Then There Was One: The U.S.S. Enterprise And The First Year Of War, Author: Eugene Burns
Title: At Close Quarters; PT Boats In The United States Navy [Illustrated Edition], Author: Captain Robert J. Bulkley Jr.
Title: Give Us This Day [Illustrated Edition], Author: Sidney Stewart
Title: United States Army in WWII - the Pacific - Leyte: the Return to the Philippines: [Illustrated Edition], Author: M. Hamlin Cannon
Title: Generals And Generalship, Author: Field-Marshal Earl Wavell
Title: Pearl Harbor: Failure of Intelligence?, Author: Lt.-Col. Robert F. Piacine
Title: United States Army in WWII - the Pacific - Victory in Papua: [Illustrated Edition], Author: Samuel Milner

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