Title: 4 Months, 3 Weeks and 2 Days
Title: Healing Words: A Poetry Collection For Broken Hearts, Author: Alexandra Vasiliu
Title: Esprit de Corps: Sketches from Diplomatic Life, Author: Lawrence Durrell
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Title: God and Quantum Mechanics: Is the Material World Truly Real? Is the Entire Universe Just a
Title: My Happy Sad Mummy, Author: Michelle Vasiliu
Title: Together Things: When her father feels sad, a little girl finds ways to keep the bonds of love alive, Author: Michelle Vasiliu
Title: Povestiri fantastice din Regatul Iubirii, Author: Alexandra Vasiliu
Title: Outline of a semantic theory of Kernel sentences, Author: Emanuel Vasiliu
Title: The transformational syntax of Romanian, Author: Emanuel Vasiliu
Title: Dialogue with a Nonbeliever: About Science and the Limits of Knowledge, the Big Bang and Evolution, Ancient Christianity & Modern Heterodoxy, Author: Bogdan-John Vasiliu
Title: Musical Romania and the Neighbouring Cultures: Traditions - Influences - Identities- Proceedings of the International Musicological Conference- July 4-7 2013, Iasi (Romania), Author: Laura Vasiliu
Title: Dumnezeu si mecanica cuantica: Este lumea materiala cu adevarat reala? Este intregul Univers doar o ,,simulare
Title: Penser Dieu: Noetique et metaphysique dans l'Antiquite tardive, Author: Anca Vasiliu
Title: Nebunul indian, Author: Ovidiu Raul Vasiliu
Title: Simulation of Fluid Power Systems with Simcenter Amesim, Author: Nicolae Vasiliu
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Title: Du diaphane: Image, milieu, lumiere dans la pensee antique et medievale, Author: Anca Vasiliu
Title: Images de soi dans l'antiquite tardive, Author: Anca Vasiliu
Title: Dire et voir: La parole visible du Sophiste, Author: Anca Vasiliu