Title: Inspector French's Greatest Case, Author: Freeman Wills Crofts
Title: Bradford's History of 'Plimoth' Plantation (Illustrated), Author: William Bradford
Title: The Box Office Murders, Author: Freeman Wills Crofts
Title: Medieval People, Author: Eileen Power
Title: The House of Helen, Author: Corra Harris
Title: The Babur-nama in English (Memoirs of Babur), Author: Emperor of Hindustan Babur
Title: The Bedford Row Mystery, Author: J. S. Fletcher
Title: The Third Eye, Author: Ethel Lina White
Title: The Tapestry Room Murder, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: Progress and Poverty, Volumes I and II, Author: Henry George
Title: The Disappearance of Kimball Webb, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: A Magician Among The Spirits (Illustrated), Author: Harry Houdini
Title: The Albert Gate Mystery, Author: Louis Tracy
Title: Martin Hewitt, Investigator, Author: Arthur Morrison
Title: The Bronze Hand, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: Crime Tears On, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: Who Killed Caldwell?, Author: Carolyn Wells
Title: The Murder at Wrides Park, Author: J. S. Fletcher
Title: Damon Runyon: A to Izzard, Author: Damon Runyon
Title: Dr. Thorndyke Omnibus Vol 2, Author: Richard Austin Freeman

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