Title: The Florida of the Inca, Author: Garcilaso de la Vega
Title: Dearest Isa: Robert Browning's letters to Isabella Blagden, Author: Robert Browning
Title: Gulf To Rockies: The Heritage of the Fort Worth and Denver-Colorado and Southern Railways, 1861-1898, Author: Richard C. Overton
Title: Barnaby Rich: A Short Biography, Author: Thomas Mabry Cranfill
Title: Gustav Dresel's Houston Journal: Adventures in North America and Texas, 1837-1841, Author: Gustav Dresel
Title: Twenty-one Texas Short Stories, Author: William Peery
Title: Sam Houston, the Great Designer, Author: Llerena Friend
Title: Rebel Private Front and Rear, Author: William Andrew Fletcher
Title: Of Sondry Folk: The Dramatic Principle in the Canterbury Tales, Author: R. M. Lumiansky
Title: The Road to Spindletop: Economic Change in Texas, 1875, Author: John Stricklin Spratt
Title: You May Take the Witness, Author: Clinton Giddings Brown
Title: A Political History of the Texas Republic, 1836-1845, Author: Stanley Siegel
Title: Why the Chisholm Trail Forks and Other Tales of the Cattle Country, Author: Andy Adams
Title: Naval Power in the Conquest of Mexico, Author: C. Harvey Gardiner
Title: Brann and the Iconoclast, Author: Charles Carver
Title: Lucky 7: A Cowman's Autobiography, Author: Will Tom Carpenter
Title: Mythology and Values: An Analysis of Navaho Chantway Myths, Author: Katherine Spencer
Title: The Viennese Revolution of 1848, Author: R. John Rath
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Title: Platero and I, Author: Juan Ramón Jiménez
Title: With His Pistol in His Hand: A Border Ballad and Its Hero, Author: Américo Paredes

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