Title: Women Called to Witness: Evangelical Feminism in the Nineteenth Century / Edition 2, Author: Nancy A. Hardesty
Title: The Montgomery Bus Boycott and the Women Who Started It: The Memoir of Jo Ann Gibson Robinson, Author: Jo Ann Gibson Robinson
Paperback $21.06 $22.95 Current price is $21.06, Original price is $22.95.
Title: A Handbook to Appalachia: An Introduction to the Region / Edition 1, Author: Grace Toney Edwards
Title: Tennesseans and Their History / Edition 1, Author: Paul H. Bergeron
Paperback $24.20 $24.95 Current price is $24.20, Original price is $24.95.
Title: War in Kentucky: From Shiloh to Perryville, Author: James Lee McDonough
Title: As Far As The Eye Can See: Reflections Of An Appalachian Trail Hiker, Author: David Brill
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Title: Andrew Jackson and the Rise of the Democratic Party, Author: Mark R. Cheathem
Title: A Natural History Guide to Great Smoky Mountains National Park, Author: Donald W. Linzey
Title: The Final Season : The Perseverance of Pat Summit, Author: Maria M. Cornelius
Title: From Boss Crump to King Willie: How Race Changed Memphis Politics, Author: Otis L. Sanford
Title: Tennessee Strings: Story Country Music Tennessee / Edition 1, Author: Charles K. Wolfe
Paperback $13.45 $14.95 Current price is $13.45, Original price is $14.95.
Title: Investigating Our Experience in the World: A Primer on Qualitative Inquiry, Author: April L. Morgan
Title: Victims: A True Story of the Civil War / Edition 2, Author: Phillip Shaw Paludan
Title: Full Court Press: How Pat Summitt, A High School Basketball Player, and a Legal Team Changed the Game, Author: Bill Haltom
Title: Taproots of Tennessee: Historic Sites and Timeless Recipes, Author: Lynne Drysdale Patterson
Title: City Behind a Fence: Oak Ridge, Tennessee, 1942-1946, Author: Charles W. Johnson
Title: Voices Worth the Listening: Three Women of Appalachia, Author: Thomas G Burton
Title: Delta Fragments: The Recollections of a Sharecropper's Son, Author: John O. Hodges
Title: Spirit Of Mountains: Foreword By Roger D. Abrahams / Edition 1, Author: Emma Bell Miles
Title: Folk Songs of Middle Tennessee: The George Boswell Collection, Author: Charles K. Wolfe

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