Title: Protest of the Cour Des Aides of Paris--April 10, 1775, Author: James Harvey Robinson
Title: Business Documents of Murashu Sons of Nippur: Dated in the Reign of Artaxerxes I (464-424 B.C.), Author: H. V. Hilprecht
Title: The Rise of Formal Satire in England Under Classical Influence, Author: Raymond MacDonald Alden
Title: Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European History, Volume VI, Author: Merrick Whitcomb
Title: The Excavations in Assyria and Babylonia, Author: H. V. Hilprecht
Title: Early Babylonian Personal Names: From the Published Tablets of the so-called Hammurabi Dynasty (B.C. 2), Author: Hermann Ranke
Title: Mathematical, Metrological, and Chronological Tablets from the Temple Library of Nippur, Author: H. V. Hilprecht
Title: A New Boundary Stone of Nebuchadrezzr I: From Nippur, Author: William J. Hinke
Title: Letters to Cassite Kings from the Temple Archives of Nippur, Author: Hugo Radau
Title: Journal of Du Roi the Elder: Lieutenant and Adjutant in the Service of the Duke of Brunswick, 1776-1778, Author: August Wilhelm Du Roi
Title: The Spanish Pastoral Romances, Author: Hugo A. Rennert
Title: The Influence of Ben Jonson on English Comedy, 1598-1642, Author: Mina Kerr
Title: Aramaic Incantation Texts from Nippur, Author: James A. Montgomery
Title: Sumerian Business and Administrative Documents from the Earliest Times to the Dynasty of Agade, Author: George A. Barton
Title: Sumerian Grammatical Texts, Author: Stephen Langdon
Title: Selected Sumerian and Babylonian Texts, Author: Henry Frederick Lutz
Title: The Culture of the Babylonians: From Their Seals in the Collections of the Museum, Author: Leon Legrain
Title: The Influence of Walter Scott on the Works of Balzac, Author: H. J. Garnand
Title: Shakespeare and
Title: George Henry Boker: Poet and Patriot, Author: Edward Sculley Bradley

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