Title: The Complete Works Of Robert Burns, Author: Robert Burns
Title: The Life And Character Of John Paul Jones, A Captain In The United States Navy. During The Revolutionary War. By John Henry Sherburne., Author: John Henry Sherburne
Title: Nook And Corners Of Old New York / By Charles Hemstreet ; Illustrated By E.C. Peixotto., Author: Charles Hemstreet
Title: Origin of All Religious Worship, Author: Dupuis M
Title: The Voyage Of The 'Fox' In The Arctic Seas, Author: Francis Leopold Sir M'Clintock
Title: Captivity of the Oatman Girls: Being an Interesting Narrative of Life among the Apache and Mohave Indians. Containing an Interesting Account of the Massacre of the Oatman Family, by the Apache Indians, in 1851; The Narrow Escape of Lorenzo D., Author: Royal B. Stratton
Title: The Union Theological Seminary, In The City Of Newyork, Its History, Condition And Wants, Author: N. Union Theological Seminary New York
Title: Notes On The Miracles Of Our Lord. By Richard Chenevix Trench ..., Author: Richard Chenevix Trench
Title: The Position And Course Of The South. By Wm. H. Trescot, Esq., Author: William Henry Trescot
Title: The Argument Of Wm. P. Duval, On Claim Of The Citizens Of Texas For Compensation For The Property Taken From Them By The Camanche Indians, Since The Annexation Of That State To The United States., Author: William Pope Duval
Title: Paradise Lost, a Poem in Twelve Books by John Milton; with Explanatory Notes and a Life of the Author, by Rev H Stebbing, Author: John Milton
Title: Norse Mythology; Or. The Religion Of Our Forefathers, Containing All The Myths Of The Eddas, Systematized And Interpreted. With An Introduction, Vocabulary And Index, Author: Rasmus Bj Rn Anderson
Title: The First White Man Of The West; Or, The Life And Exploits Of Col. Dan'L Boone, The First Settler Of Kentucky; Interspersed With Incidents In The Early Annals Of The Country. By Timothy Flint., Author: Timothy Flint
Title: A History Of Germany; From The Earliest Period To The Present Time. By Frederick Kohlrausch ... Tr. From The Last German Edition, By James D. Haas. With Complete Index, Prepared Expressly For The American Edition., Author: Friedrich Kohlrausch
Title: Brazil, the Home for Southerners, Author: Ballard Dunn
Title: New York Is Not America: Being a Mirror to the States, Author: Ford Madox Ford
Title: Special Report On The Coke Manufacture Of The Youghiogheny River Valley In Fayette And Westmoreland Counties. With Geological Notes Of The Coal And Iron Ore Beds. From Surveys By Charles A. Young. By Franklin Platt. To Which Are Appended, Author: Franklin Platt
Title: My Garden Acquaintance, a Good Word for Winter, a Moosehead Journal by James Russell Lowell the Farmer's Boy by Robert Bloomfield, Author: James Russell Lowell
Title: Elementi Di Geometria, Per Riccardo De Paolis., Author: Riccardo De Paolis
Title: Questions Of The Day, Author: William Elder

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