Title: The Complete Works Of Menno Simon, Author: Menno Simon
Title: An Elementary Treatment Of The Theory Of Spinning Tops And Gyroscopic Motion, Author: Harold Crabtree
Title: Nook And Corners Of Old New York / By Charles Hemstreet ; Illustrated By E.C. Peixotto., Author: Charles Hemstreet
Title: The Complete Works Of Robert Burns, Author: Robert Burns
Title: Origin of All Religious Worship, Author: Dupuis M
Title: New dangers to freedom, and new duties for its defenders: a letter by the Hon. Horace Mann, to his constituents, May 3, 1850., Author: Horace Mann
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Title: Scriptural And Statistical Views In Favor Of Slavery, By Thornton Stringfellow, D. D., Author: Thornton. Stringfellow
Title: The History Of Tammany Hall / By Gustavus Myers ..., Author: Gustavus Myers
Title: The Voyage Of The 'Fox' In The Arctic Seas, Author: Francis Leopold Sir M'Clintock
Title: Captivity of the Oatman Girls: Being an Interesting Narrative of Life among the Apache and Mohave Indians. Containing an Interesting Account of the Massacre of the Oatman Family, by the Apache Indians, in 1851; The Narrow Escape of Lorenzo D., Author: Royal B. Stratton
Title: The Union Theological Seminary, In The City Of Newyork, Its History, Condition And Wants, Author: N. Union Theological Seminary New York
Title: Notes On The Miracles Of Our Lord. By Richard Chenevix Trench ..., Author: Richard Chenevix Trench
Title: Ten Acres Enough, Author: Edmund Morris (1804-1874)
Title: The History Of Paper Money In The Province Of Massachusetts Before The Revolution, With An Account Of The Land Bank And The Silver Bank, Author: E. H. Derby
Title: Freedom In Kansas. Speech Of William H. Seward, In The Senate Of The United States, March 3, 1858., Author: William Henry Seward
Title: Speech Of Benjamin Barstow, Of Salem, On The Abolition Propensities Of Caleb Cushing, Delivered At The Massachusetts National Democratic Convention, Held At Boston, Sept. 22, 1853., Author: Benjamin. Barstow
Title: Gen'L Fitz John Porter's Reply To Hon. Z. Chandler's Speech In The U.S. Senate, Feb.21, 1870., Author: Fitz-John Porter
Title: The Hawaiian Islands, Author: Rufus Anderson
Title: Port Of New York Annual., Author: None
Title: Speech Of Hon. John Bell, Of Tenn., On The Subject Of Nonintervention, Delivered In The Senate Of The United States, April 13, 1852., Author: John Bell

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