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Title: Michener's South Pacific, Author: Stephen J. May
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Title: Bertha Maxwell-Roddey: A Modern-Day Race Woman and the Power of Black Leadership, Author: Sonya Y. Ramsey
Title: The Versailles Restaurant Cookbook, Author: Ana Quincoces
Title: Madame Lalaurie, Mistress of the Haunted House, Author: Carolyn Morrow Long
Title: Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida, Author: Ginny Stibolt
Title: Balanchine's Apprentice: From Hollywood to New York and Back, Author: John Clifford
Title: Gladesmen: Gator Hunters, Moonshiners, and Skiffers, Author: Glen Simmons
Title: The Revolution that Failed: Reconstruction in Natchitoches, Author: Adam Fairclough
Title: Skyway: The True Story of Tampa Bay's Signature Bridge and the Man Who Brought It Down, Author: Bill DeYoung
Title: Taíno Indian Myth and Practice: The Arrival of the Stranger King, Author: William F. Keegan
Title: James Monroe: A Republican Champion, Author: Brook Poston
Title: Mr. Flagler's St. Augustine, Author: Thomas Graham
Title: Maya E Groups: Calendars, Astronomy, and Urbanism in the Early Lowlands, Author: David A. Freidel
Title: The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters, Author: Gary Monroe
Title: Picturing the Space Shuttle: The Early Years, Author: John Bisney
Title: Winter Season: A Dancer's Journal, with a new preface / Edition 1, Author: Toni Bentley
Title: X Marks the Spot: The Archaeology of Piracy, Author: Russell K. Skowronek
Title: Dreams in the New Century: Instant Cities, Shattered Hopes, and Florida's Turning Point, Author: Gary R. Mormino
Title: Dixie's Daughters: The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture, Author: Karen L. Cox
Title: Dirty Harry's America: Clint Eastwood, Harry Callahan, and the Conservative Backlash, Author: Joe Street

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