Title: NASA and the Long Civil Rights Movement, Author: Brian C. Odom
Title: Florida: A Short History / Edition 1, Author: Michael Gannon
Title: Play All Night!: Duane Allman and the Journey to Fillmore East, Author: Bob Beatty
Title: The Valkyries' Loom: The Archaeology of Cloth Production and Female Power in the North Atlantic, Author: Michèle Hayeur Smith
Title: Mile Marker Zero: The Moveable Feast of Key West, Author: William McKeen
Title: The Surprising Lives of Bark Beetles: Mighty Foresters of the Insect World, Author: Jiri Hulcr
Title: Mickey and the Teamsters: A Fight for Fair Unions at Disney, Author: Mike Schneider
Title: Communists and Perverts under the Palms: The Johns Committee in Florida, 1956-1965, Author: Stacy Braukman
Title: Florida Weather and Climate: More Than Just Sunshine, Author: Jennifer M. Collins
Title: Organic Methods for Vegetable Gardening in Florida, Author: Ginny Stibolt
Title: Walking St. Augustine: An Illustrated Guide and Pocket History to America's Oldest City, Author: Elsbeth
Title: Native Florida Plants for Shady Landscapes, Author: Craig N. Huegel
Title: Theatrical Worlds (Beta Version), Author: Charlie Mitchell
Title: Madame Lalaurie, Mistress of the Haunted House, Author: Carolyn Morrow Long
Title: The Cuban Sandwich: A History in Layers, Author: Andrew T. Huse
Title: The Archaeology and History of the Native Georgia Tribes / Edition 1, Author: Max E. White
Title: Everglades Patrol, Author: Tom Shirley
Title: Kennedy v. Nixon: The Presidential Election of 1960, Author: Edmund F. Kallina
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Title: The American Beach Cookbook, Author: Marsha Dean Phelts
Title: Dixie's Daughters: The United Daughters of the Confederacy and the Preservation of Confederate Culture, Author: Karen L. Cox

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