Title: Play All Night!: Duane Allman and the Journey to Fillmore East, Author: Bob Beatty
Title: The History of Florida, Author: Michael Gannon
Title: The Hiking Trails of Florida's National Forests, Parks, and Preserves, Author: Johnny Molloy
Title: Forces of Nature: A History of Florida Land Conservation, Author: Clay Henderson
Title: Writing Islands: Space and Identity in the Transnational Cuban Archipelago, Author: Elena Lahr-Vivaz
Title: The Greenway Imperative: Connecting Communities and Landscapes for a Sustainable Future, Author: Charles A. Flink
Title: Key West on the Edge: Inventing the Conch Republic, Author: Robert Kerstein
Title: Balanchine's Apprentice: From Hollywood to New York and Back, Author: John Clifford
Title: Mullet on the Beach: The Minorcans of Florida, 1768-1788, Author: Patricia C. Griffin
Title: Bertha Maxwell-Roddey: A Modern-Day Race Woman and the Power of Black Leadership, Author: Sonya Y. Ramsey
Title: Michener's South Pacific, Author: Stephen J. May
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Title: Truth, Lies, and O-Rings: Inside the Space Shuttle Challenger Disaster, Author: Allan J McDonald
Title: Your Florida Guide to Butterfly Gardening: A Guide for the Deep South, Author: Jaret C. Daniels
Title: The Versailles Restaurant Cookbook, Author: Ana Quincoces
Title: Forever Young: A Life of Adventure in Air and Space, Author: John W. Young
Title: The Highwaymen: Florida's African-American Landscape Painters, Author: Gary Monroe
Title: Being a Ballerina: The Power and Perfection of a Dancing Life, Author: Gavin Larsen
Title: Matecumbe, Author: James A. Michener
Title: The Quotable Eleanor Roosevelt, Author: Michele Wehrwein Albion
Title: Jane Nickerson's Florida Cookbook, Author: Jane Nickerson

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