Title: Wage-Earning Slaves: Coartación in Nineteenth-Century Cuba, Author: Claudia Varella
Title: Historical Archaeology of Early Modern Colonialism in Asia-Pacific: The Asia-Pacific Region, Author: Maria Cruz Berrocal
Title: Fort St. Joseph Revealed: The Historical Archaeology of a Fur Trading Post, Author: Michael S. Nassaney
Title: The Valkyries' Loom: The Archaeology of Cloth Production and Female Power in the North Atlantic, Author: Michèle Hayeur Smith
Title: A Struggle for Heritage: Archaeology and Civil Rights in a Long Island Community, Author: Christopher N. Matthews
Title: Winning While Losing: Civil Rights, The Conservative Movement and the Presidency from Nixon to Obama, Author: Kenneth Osgood
Title: Language as Prayer in <i>Finnegans Wake</i>, Author: Colleen Jaurretche
Title: Fire Ecology of Florida and the Southeastern Coastal Plain, Author: Reed F. Noss
Title: Landscapes of the Itza: Archaeology and Art History at Chichen Itza and Neighboring Sites, Author: Linnea Wren
Title: <i>Robert J. Walker</i>: The History and Archaeology of a U.S. Coast Survey Steamship, Author: James P. Delgado
Title: Arts of Korea: Histories, Challenges, and Perspectives, Author: Jason Steuber
Title: An Old French Trilogy: Texts from the William of Orange Cycle, Author: Catherine M. Jones
Title: Eating in the Side Room: Food, Archaeology, and African American Identity, Author: Mark S. Warner
Title: The Emergence of Capitalism in Early America, Author: Christopher W. Calvo
Title: The Archaeology of Magic: Gender and Domestic Protection in Seventeenth-Century New England, Author: C. Riley Augé
Title: Gertrude Stein and the Making of Jewish Modernism, Author: Amy Feinstein
Title: Flora of Florida, Volume VI: Dicotyledons, Convolvulaceae through Paulowniaceae, Author: Richard P. Wunderlin
Title: Revolting Things: An Archaeology of Shameful Histories and Repulsive Realities, Author: Paul R. Mullins
Title: Contact, Colonialism, and Native Communities in the Southeastern United States, Author: Edmond A. Boudreaux III
Title: The Archaeology of the Logging Industry, Author: John G. Franzen

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