Title: Distilling the Influence of Alcohol: Aguardiente in Guatemalan History, Author: David Carey
Title: Arts of South Asia: Cultures of Collecting, Author: Allysa B. Peyton
Title: Mortuary and Bioarchaeological Perspectives on Bronze Age Arabia, Author: Kimberly D. Williams
Title: Operation Pedro Pan and the Exodus of Cuba's Children, Author: Deborah Shnookal
Title: The Guerrilla Legacy of the Cuban Revolution, Author: Anna Clayfield
Title: Ancient West Mexicos: Time, Space, and Diversity, Author: Joshua D. Englehardt
Title: Cahokia in Context: Hegemony and Diaspora, Author: Charles H. McNutt
Title: Trance and Modernity in the Southern Caribbean: African and Hindu Popular Religions in Trinidad and Tobago, Author: Keith E. McNeal
Title: Atlantic Passages: Race, Mobility, and Liberian Colonization, Author: Robert Murray
Title: Rómulo Betancourt: His Historical Personality and the Genesis of Modern Democracy in Venezuela, Author: Germán Carrera Damas Pre-Order Now
Title: Captain Kidd's Lost Ship: The Wreck of the Quedagh Merchant, Author: Frederick H. Hanselmann
Title: Seams of Empire: Race and Radicalism in Puerto Rico and the United States, Author: Carlos Alamo-Pastrana
Title: Bioarchaeology of Frontiers and Borderlands, Author: Cristina I. Tica
Title: Late Prehistoric Florida: Archaeology at the Edge of the Mississippian World, Author: Keith Ashley
Title: Colonized Bodies, Worlds Transformed: Toward A Global Bioarchaeology of Contact and Colonialism, Author: Melissa S. Murphy
Title: Irish Cosmopolitanism: Location and Dislocation in James Joyce, Elizabeth Bowen, and Samuel Beckett, Author: Nels Pearson
Title: A World View of Bioculturally Modified Teeth, Author: Scott E. Burnett
Title: Latin American Culture and the Limits of the Human, Author: Lucy Bollington
Title: Population, Poverty, and Politics in Middle East Cities, Author: Michael E. Bonine
Title: The Archaeology of New Netherland: A World Built on Trade, Author: Craig Lukezic Pre-Order Now

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