Title: Celtic Wales, Author: Miranda Aldhouse-Green
Title: Discovering Dylan Thomas: A Companion to the Collected Poems and Notebook Poems, Author: John Goodby
Title: The March of Wales: A Borderland of Medieval Britain 1067-1300, Author: Max Lieberman
Title: The Queer Uncanny: New Perspectives on the Gothic, Author: Paulina Palmer
Title: Queer Others In Victorian Gothic: Transgressing Monstrosity, Author: Ardel Haefele-Thomas
Title: On Art and Painting: Vicente Carducho and Baroque Spain, Author: Jean F. Andrews
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Title: Introducing the Medieval Dragon, Author: Thomas Honegger
Title: Welsh Academy English-Welsh Dictionary, Author: Bruce Griffiths
Title: Sir Rhys ap Thomas and his Family: A Study in the Wars of the Roses and Early Tudor Politics - New Edition, Author: Ralph A. Griffiths
Title: Trioedd Ynys Prydein: The Triads of the Island of Britain, Author: Rachel Bromwich
Title: The Architecture of Wales: From the First to the Twenty - First Century, Author: John B. Hilling
Title: Cardiganshire County History: Volume 2: Medieval and Early Modern Cardiganshire, Author: Geraint H. Jenkins
Title: History of the Gothic: Gothic Literature 1764-1824, Author: Carol Margaret Davison
Title: Language of the Blue Books: Wales and Colonial Prejudice, Author: Gwyneth Tyson Roberts
Title: Understanding Celtic Religion: Revisiting the Pagan Past, Author: Katja Ritari
Title: Coastal Systems, Author: Simon K. Haslett
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Title: The Monstrous Middle Ages, Author: Bettina Bildhauer
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Title: The Gothic and Catholicism: Religion, Cultural Exchange and the Popular Novel, 1785 - 1829, Author: Maria Purves
Title: Industrial Development of the Ebbw Valleys, 1780-1914, Author: John Elliott
Title: Shakespearean Gothic, Author: Christy Desmet

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