Title: Gwenlyn Parry, Author: Roger Owen
Title: Welsh in London 1500 - 2000, Author: Emrys Jones
Title: Goronwy Rees, Author: John Harris
Title: Rhys Davies, Author: Huw Osborne
Title: Ruth Bidgood, Author: Matthew Jarvis
Title: Our Daughters' Land: Past and Present, Author: Sandra Betts
Title: Dylan Thomas, Author: Walford Davies
Title: Rhydwen Williams, Author: Donald Evans
Title: Christopher Meredith, Author: Diana Wallace
Title: Welsh Recusant Writings, Author: Geraint Bowen
Title: Social Policy, Crime and Punishment: Essays in Memory of Jane Morgan, Author: Glanmor Gwynedd Jones
Title: Welsh Periodicals in English: 1882-2012, Author: Malcolm Ballin
Title: Dorothy Edwards, Author: Claire Flay
Title: R. S. Thomas, Author: Tony Brown
Title: Welsh Spirit of Gwent, Author: Mair Elvet Thomas
Title: John Morris Jones, Author: Allan James
Title: Jane Williams (Ysgafell), Author: Gwyneth Tyson Roberts
Title: James Kitchener Davis, Author: M. Wynn Thomas
Title: Rhys Davies: Decoding the Hare: Critical Essays to Mark the Centenary of the Writer's Birth, Author: Meic Stephens
Title: Arthur in Medieval Welsh Literature, Author: O. J. Padel

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