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Title: Black Lives, Native Lands, White Worlds: A History of Slavery in New England, Author: Jared Ross Hardesty
Title: We Gotta Get Out of This Place: The Soundtrack of the Vietnam War, Author: Doug Bradley
Title: Captors and Captives: The 1704 French and Indian Raid on Deerfield, Author: Evan Haefeli
Title: Home before Morning: The Story of an Army Nurse in Vietnam, Author: Lynda van Van Devanter
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Title: Covering America: A Narrative History of a Nation's Journalism / Edition 2, Author: Christopher B. Daly
Title: Flight Calls: Exploring Massachusetts through Birds, Author: John R. mccoy
Title: People before Highways: Boston Activists, Urban Planners, and a New Movement for City Making, Author: Karilyn Crockett
Title: Creating Rosie the Riveter: Class, Gender, and Propaganda during World War II / Edition 1, Author: Maureen Honey
Title: Foreign Devils on the Silk Road: The Search for the Lost Cities and Treasures of Chinese Central Asia, Author: Peter Hopkirk
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Title: Imagining Niagara, Author: Patrick McGreevy
Title: What Remains: Searching for the Memory and Lost Grave of John Paul Jones, Author: Robert Hornick
Title: Black Bostonians and the Politics of Culture, 1920-1940, Author: Lorraine Elena Roses
Title: Science for the People: Documents from America's Movement of Radical Scientists, Author: Sigrid Schmalzer
Title: What We Have Done: An Oral History of the Disability Rights Movement, Author: Fred Pelka
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Title: Hollywood's Cold War, Author: Tony Shaw
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Title: Museums, Monuments, and National Parks: Toward a New Genealogy of Public History, Author: Denise D. Meringolo
Title: On Our Own Ground: The Complete Writings of William Apess, a Pequot / Edition 1, Author: William Apess
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Title: Agent Orange: History, Science, and the Politics of Uncertainty / Edition 1, Author: Edwin A. Martini
Title: Soldiers of the Pen: The Writers' War Board in World War II, Author: Thomas Howell

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