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Title: Multiracial Couples: Black & White Voices / Edition 1, Author: Paul C. Rosenblatt
Title: Understanding Latino Families: Scholarship, Policy, and Practice / Edition 1, Author: Ruth E. Zambrana
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Title: Adolescents, Work, and Family: An Intergenerational Developmental Analysis, Author: Jeylan T. Mortimer
Title: Families & Time: Keeping Pace in a Hurried Culture / Edition 1, Author: Kerry J. Daly
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Title: No More Kin: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender in Family Networks / Edition 1, Author: Anne R. Roschelle
Title: No More Kin: Exploring Race, Class, and Gender in Family Networks, Author: Anne R. Roschelle
Title: Contemporary Parenting: Challenges and Issues / Edition 1, Author: Terry J. Arendell
Title: Families Making Sense of Death / Edition 1, Author: Janice W. Nadeau
Title: Black Families in Corporate America / Edition 1, Author: Susan D. Toliver
Title: Reshaping Fatherhood: The Social Construction of Shared Parenting / Edition 1, Author: Anna Dienhart
Title: Problem Solving in Families: Research and Practice / Edition 1, Author: Samuel Vuchinich
Title: African American Children: Socialization and Development in Families / Edition 1, Author: Shirley A. Hill
Title: Romancing the Honeymoon: Consummating Marriage in Modern Society / Edition 1, Author: Kris  Bulcroft
Title: The Changing Transition to Adulthood: Leaving and Returning Home / Edition 1, Author: Francis K. (Kobrin) Goldscheider
Title: Families and Communes: An Examination of Nontraditional Lifestyles / Edition 1, Author: William Lawrence Smith
Title: Women, Work, and Families: Balancing and Weaving / Edition 1, Author: Angela J. Hattery
Title: Emile Durkheim on the Family / Edition 1, Author: Mary Ann Lamanna