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Title: Fundamentals of Quantum Physics: Textbook for Students of Science and Engineering / Edition 1, Author: Pedro Pereyra
Title: Introduction to Methods of Approximation in Physics and Astronomy, Author: Maurice H. P. M. van Putten
Title: Archaeoastronomy: Introduction to the Science of Stars and Stones, Author: Giulio Magli
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Title: Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Author: Wolfgang Demtrïder
Title: Newton's Gravity: An Introductory Guide to the Mechanics of the Universe / Edition 1, Author: Douglas W. MacDougal
Title: Electrical Measurements in the Laboratory Practice, Author: Rosario Bartiromo
Title: Principles of Physics: For Scientists and Engineers, Author: Hafez  A. Radi Pre-Order Now
Title: Particles and Fundamental Interactions: An Introduction to Particle Physics, Author: Sylvie Braibant
Title: A Student's Guide Through the Great Physics Texts: Volume IV: Heat, Atoms and Quanta, Author: Kerry Kuehn
Title: Core Electrodynamics, Author: Sandra Chapman
Title: Lectures in Classical Mechanics: With Solved Problems and Exercises, Author: Victor Ilisie
Title: Experiments and Video Analysis in Classical Mechanics, Author: Vitor L. B. de Jesus
Title: Theory of Gravitational Interactions, Author: Maurizio Gasperini
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