Title: An Introduction to the Evolution of Single and Binary Stars / Edition 1, Author: Matthew Benacquista
Title: Particles and Fundamental Interactions: Supplements, Problems and Solutions: A Deeper Insight into Particle Physics, Author: Sylvie Braibant
Title: Particles, Fields, Quanta: From Quantum Mechanics to the Standard Model of Particle Physics, Author: Gerhard Ecker
Title: Conductors, Semiconductors, Superconductors: An Introduction to Solid-State Physics / Edition 3, Author: Rudolf P. Huebener
Title: Lectures in Classical Mechanics: With Solved Problems and Exercises, Author: Victor Ilisie
Title: Nuclear and Particle Physics, Author: Wolfgang Demtröder Pre-Order Now
Title: Classical Mechanics: Including an Introduction to the Theory of Elasticity, Author: Reinhard Hentschke
Title: Experiments and Video Analysis in Classical Mechanics, Author: Vitor L. B. de Jesus
Title: Biomechanics of the Human Body, Author: Emico Okuno
Title: Introduction to Nuclear and Particle Physics, Author: Saverio D'Auria
Title: Classical Mechanics with Maxima, Author: Todd Keene Timberlake
Title: Analog and Digital Electronic Circuits: Fundamentals, Analysis, and Applications, Author: R. Prasad
Title: Elementary Mechanics Using Matlab: A Modern Course Combining Analytical and Numerical Techniques, Author: Anders Malthe-Sørenssen
Title: Analysis and Presentation of Experimental Results: With Examples, Problems and Programs, Author: Costas Christodoulides
Title: Mechanics and Thermodynamics, Author: Wolfgang Demtröder
Title: Introduction to the Physics of Matter: Basic Atomic, Molecular, and Solid-State Physics, Author: Nicola Manini
Title: The Structure and Evolution of the Sun, Author: Giuseppe Severino
Title: Making Sense of Statistical Mechanics, Author: Jean Bricmont
Title: Probability in Physics: An Introductory Guide, Author: Andy Lawrence
Title: A Short Course in General Relativity and Cosmology, Author: Reinhard Hentschke

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