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Title: An Introduction to the Evolution of Single and Binary Stars / Edition 1, Author: Matthew Benacquista
Title: Particles and Fundamental Interactions: Supplements, Problems and Solutions: A Deeper Insight into Particle Physics, Author: Sylvie Braibant
Title: Exercises and Problems in Mathematical Methods of Physics, Author: Giampaolo Cicogna
Title: High-Energy Astrophysics: A Primer, Author: Jorge Ernesto Horvath
Title: Electrical Measurements in the Laboratory Practice, Author: Rosario Bartiromo
Title: Elementary Mechanics Using Python: A Modern Course Combining Analytical and Numerical Techniques, Author: Anders Malthe-Sørenssen
Title: Newton's Gravity: An Introductory Guide to the Mechanics of the Universe / Edition 1, Author: Douglas W. MacDougal
Title: Particles, Fields, Quanta: From Quantum Mechanics to the Standard Model of Particle Physics, Author: Gerhard Ecker
Title: Conductors, Semiconductors, Superconductors: An Introduction to Solid-State Physics / Edition 3, Author: Rudolf P. Huebener
Title: A First Course on Symmetry, Special Relativity and Quantum Mechanics: The Foundations of Physics, Author: Gabor Kunstatter
Title: Solid-State Electronic Devices: An Introduction, Author: Christo Papadopoulos
Title: Pathways Through Applied and Computational Physics, Author: Nicolò Barbero
Title: Theory of Gravitational Interactions, Author: Maurizio Gasperini
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Title: Introduction to Particle and Astroparticle Physics: Multimessenger Astronomy and its Particle Physics Foundations / Edition 2, Author: Alessandro De Angelis
Title: Principles of Astrophysics: Using Gravity and Stellar Physics to Explore the Cosmos, Author: Charles Keeton
Title: Photonics: A Short Course, Author: Vittorio Degiorgio
Title: What are the Stars?, Author: Ganesan Srinivasan
Title: A Student's Guide Through the Great Physics Texts: Volume II: Space, Time and Motion, Author: Kerry Kuehn
Title: The Physics of Living Systems, Author: Fabrizio Cleri
Title: The Fundamentals of Atomic and Molecular Physics / Edition 1, Author: Robert L Brooks

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