Title: Mac 'N Cheese to the Rescue: 101 Easy Ways to Spice Up Everyone's Favorite Boxed Comfort Food, Author: Kristen Kuchar
Title: Confirmed Kill: Heroic Sniper Stories from the Jungles of Vietnam to the Mountains of Afghanistan, Author: Nigel Cawthorne
Title: Copykat.com's Dining Out At Home Cookbook 2: More Recipes for the Most Delicious Dishes from America's Most Popular Restaurants, Author: Stephanie Manley
Title: Mr. Darcy's Decision: A Sequel to Jane Austen's Pride and Prejudice, Author: Juliette Shapiro
Title: Against Their Will: Sadistic Kidnappers and the Courageous Stories of Their Innocent Victims, Author: Nigel Cawthorne
Title: The United States of Awesome: Fun, Fascinating and Bizarre Trivia about the Greatest Country in the Universe, Author: Josh Miller
Title: Cooking with Frank's RedHot Cayenne Pepper Sauce: Delicious Recipes That Bring the Heat, Author: Rachel Rappaport
Title: Patriots: Surviving the Coming Collapse, Author: James Wesley Rawles
Title: A Zombie's History of the United States: From the Massacre at Plymouth Rock to the CIA's Secret War on the Undead, Author: Josh Miller
Title: The Veggie Spiral Slicer Cookbook: Healthy and Delicious Twists on Your Favorite Noodle Dishes, Author: Kelsey Kinser
Title: Vegan Beans from Around the World: 100 Adventurous Recipes for the Most Delicious, Nutritious, and Flavorful Bean Dishes Ever, Author: Kelsey Kinser
Title: Warrior Elite: 31 Heroic Special-Ops Missions from the Raid on Son Tay to the Killing of Osama bin Laden, Author: Nigel Cawthorne
Title: 365 Sex Positions: A New Way Every Day for a Steamy, Erotic Year, Author: Lisa Sweet
Title: Bug Out Vehicles and Shelters: Build and Outfit Your Life-Saving Escape, Author: Scott B. Williams
Title: Sanditon: Jane Austen's Unfinished Masterpiece Completed, Author: Jane Austen
Title: Cold Cases: A True Crime Collection: Unidentified Serial Killers, Unsolved Kidnappings, and Mysterious Murders (Including the Zodiac Killer, Natalee Holloway's Disappearance, the Golden State Killer and More), Author: Cheyna Roth
Title: 365 Sex Thrills: Positions, Tricks and Techniques for an Erotic Year, Author: Lisa Sweet
Title: Meals in a Jar: Quick and Easy, Just-Add-Water, Homemade Recipes, Author: Julie Languille
Title: The Nice Girl's Guide to Talking Dirty: Ignite Your Sex Life with Naughty Whispers, Hot Desires, and Screams of Passion, Author: Ruth Neustifter
Title: The Unofficial Heroes of Olympus Companion: Gods, Monsters, Myths and What's in Store for Jason, Piper and Leo, Author: Richard Marcus

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