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Title: They Can't Kill Us Until They Kill Us, Author: Hanif Abdurraqib
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Title: A History of My Brief Body, Author: Billy-Ray Belcourt Pre-Order Now
Title: The Deeper the Water the Uglier the Fish, Author: Katya Apekina
Title: The Book of X, Author: Sarah Rose Etter
Title: Whiteout Conditions, Author: Tariq Shah
Title: Alligator and Other Stories, Author: Dima Alzayat
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Title: Savage Gods, Author: Paul Kingsnorth
Title: Some of Us Are Very Hungry Now, Author: Andre Perry
Title: The Blurry Years, Author: Eleanor Kriseman
Title: Crapalachia: A Biography of Place, Author: Scott McClanahan
Title: Some Things That Meant the World to Me, Author: Joshua Mohr
Title: The Orange Eats Creeps, Author: Grace Krilanovich
Title: Virtuoso, Author: Yelena Moskovich
Title: The Vine That Ate the South, Author: J.D. Wilkes
Title: The Gloaming, Author: Melanie Finn
Title: I Smile Back, Author: Amy Koppelman
Title: Nog, Author: Rudolph Wurlitzer
Title: Sirens, Author: Joshua Mohr
Title: Triangulum, Author: Masande Ntshanga
Title: White Dialogues, Author: Bennett Sims

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