Title: True Crime: British Killers, Author: Jason Neal
Title: THE CASE OF THE DROWNING MEN (Plain Text), Author: Eponymous Rox
Title: True Crime: Homicide & True Crime Stories of 2016, Author: Rebecca Lo
Title: Cold Cases True Crime: True Murder Stories And Accounts Of Incredible Murder Mysteries From The Last Century, Author: Brody Clayton
Title: True Crime Stories: Monsters And Criminals From The Last 250 Years: Sickly Serial Killers From The Past, Author: Brody Clayton
Title: True Crime: True Crime Stories Of Famous Murders And Missing Persons: True Stories Of Vicious Crimes And Criminals, Author: Lorrence Williams
Title: All-American Murder: The Rise and Fall of Aaron Hernandez, the Superstar Whose Life Ended on Murderers' Row, Author: James Patterson
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Title: Murder and Menace: Riveting True Crime Tales (Vol. 1), Author: R. Barri Flowers
Title: True Crime Stories: 10 Heinous True Crime Stories Of Sickly Serial Killers, Murderers And Sociopaths, Author: Travis S. Kennedy
Title: Cold Cases True Crime: 10 True Crime Stories Of Monsters And Serial Killers: Chilling Cold Cases True Crime Accounts, Author: Brody Clayton
Title: Solving Cold Cases: True Crime Stories that Took Years to Crack, Author: Andrew J. Clark
Title: Berserk: The Shocking Life and Death of Edwin Valero, Author: Don Stradley
Title: Serial Killers: True Crime Stories Of The Most Vicious Serial Killers In History (Serial Killers True Crime, #1), Author: Brody Clayton
Title: True Crime Stories: 3 True Crime Books Collection, Author: Rebecca Lo
Title: Blood Trails Across Texas, Author: Brian R. Foster
Title: True Crime: Chilling Investigations Of Some Of Our Histories Most Unfamiliar True Crime Stories, Author: Travis S. Kennedy
Title: Fetal Abduction (True Crime, #1), Author: C L Evans
Title: True Crime Confidential Volume 1, Author: Robert Keller
Title: In The Attic, Author: Garry Rodgers

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