Title: Discourse on the Method...Complete Version, Author: Rene Descartes
Title: The Republic; Plato, Author: Plato
by Plato
Title: Beyond Good and Evil Complete Version, Author: Friedrich Nietzsche
Title: On Liberty, Author: John Stuart Mill
Title: Thoughts are things, Author: Prentice Mulford
Title: Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions, Author: Edwin Abbott Abbott
Title: Candide-Voltaire, Author: Voltaire
Title: Apology-Plato, Author: Plato
by Plato
Title: Eugenics and Other Evils, Author: G. K. Chesterton
Title: A Modern Utopia Complete Version, Author: H. G. Wells
Title: Proposed Roads to Freedom, Author: Bertrand Russell
Title: Meditations Complete Version, Author: Marcus Aurelius
Title: Political Ideas, Author: Bertrand Shaw