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Title: Alleycat/Direct Hits, Artist: Nucleus
Title: The Classic Soundtrack Collection, Artist: Henry Mancini
Title: Labyrinth/Roots, Artist: Ian Carr
Title: Manhattan in the Rain, Artist: Norma Winstone
Title: The Two Faces of Fame: The Complete 1967 Recordings, Artist: Georgie Fame
Title: Like Song Like Weather, Artist: Norma Winstone
Title: Ruby, Artist: Tony Coe
Title: All Smiles, Artist: Francy Boland
Title: Dancing in the Dark, Artist: Tony Coe
Title: Easy to Remember, Artist: Joe Temperley
Title: Songs Without Words, Artist: Ian Whitcomb
Title: Captain Coe's Famous Racearound, Artist: Tony Coe
Title: For Clarinet and Strings, Artist: Ian Mitchell
Title: Sun, Moon & Stars, Artist: Alan Hacker
Title: Birds of Brazil, Artist: Bobby Wellins Quartet