Title: About Time
Director: Richard Curtis
Title: Realive
Director: Mateo Gil
Title: Your Food Memories Matter: Pursuing Personal Food Histories Can Lead to Healthier, Author: Tom Hughes
Title: Bays & Delta: Exploring Food Historic Sites around the California Delta, Monterey and San Francisco Bays, Author: Tom Hughes
Title: Einführung in Node.JS, Author: Tom Hughes-Croucher
Title: Anchovy to Zabaione: Food Museums Real and Imagined: Why They Matter, Author: Tom Hughes
Title: Bula, Kia Ora, Cheers, Santi, Ganbei: Food Historic Sites in Fiji, New Zealand, Queensland, Bali and Hong Kong, Author: Tom Hughes
Title: Eats Pinellas: food history and heritage sites, Author: Tom Hughes