Title: Freaks, Author: Kieran Larwood
Title: Marysville's Chinatown, California (Images of America Series), Author: Brian Tom
Title: Mind Over Matter, Author: Ali Sparkes
Title: Six Steps to a Girl, Author: Sophie McKenzie
Title: The Backpacker, Author: John Harris
Title: As Easy as Pi, Author: Jamie Buchan
Title: How I Caused the Credit Crunch: An Insider's Story of the Financial Meltdown, Author: Tetsuya Ishikawa
Title: Wolven, Author: Di Toft
Title: Shout at the Devil, Author: Wilbur Smith
Title: Aliens Don't Eat Dog Food, Author: Dinah Capparucci
Title: We Used to Be Kings, Author: Stewart Foster
Title: Haunted House: Mary Hooper's Haunted, Author: Mary Hooper
Title: Disaster Bunnies Save the Day! (Kind Of), Author: Dinah Capparucci
Title: The Quorum, Author: Kim Newman
Title: Horror House: Mary Hooper's Haunted, Author: Mary Hooper
Title: Warning! Vampires are Living Next Door!, Author: Dinah Capparucci
Title: Strange Heart Beating, Author: Eli Goldstone
Title: Denmark, Author: Sacheverell Sitwell
Title: The Ex-Files, Author: Pete Johnson
Title: Manager To Leader: How To Become A Highly Effective Leader, Author: Tom Lawrence

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