Title: The Sandhurst Kriegsspiel Wargaming for the Modern Infantry Officer Training for War: Volume 1, Author: John Curry
Title: Dark Guest Training Games for Cyber Warfare Volume 1 Wargaming Internet Based Attacks, Author: John Curry
Title: Investing Through the Looking Glass: A rational guide to irrational financial markets, Author: Tim Price
Title: Matrix Games for Modern Wargaming Developments in Professional and Educational Wargames Innovations in Wargaming Volume 2, Author: John Curry
Title: Tim Price Plays: 1: For Once; Salt, Root and Roe; The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning; I'm With the Band; Protest Song; Under the Sofa, Author: Tim Price
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Title: Improving Care in the Community., Author: Tim Price
Title: I'm With the Band, Author: Tim Price
Title: For Once, Author: Tim Price
Title: The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning, Author: Tim Price
Title: A Diagnostic Atlas of Tumors of the Upper Aero-Digestive Tract: A Transnasal Video Endoscopic Approach, Author: Tim Price
Title: Salt, Root and Roe, Author: Tim Price
Title: Protest Song, Author: Tim Price
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Title: Texas Sports Trivia, Author: Tim Price Sax
Title: Shooting for the Record : Adolph Toepperwein, Tom Frye, and Sharpshooting's Forgotten Controversy, Author: Tim Price
Title: Modern Crises Scenarios for Matrix Wargames, Author: John Curry
Title: Teh Internet is Serious Business, Author: Tim Price Pre-Order Now
Title: How To Improve Mental Health, Author: Tim Price
Title: My tribute to Anne Boleyn, Author: Tim Price