Title: The Lamented, Author: Lawrence Light
Title: A Calculated Risk, Author: Sean Chercover
Title: Protecting the Innocent, Author: Simon  Wood
Title: Remaking, Author: Blake Crouch
Title: Roomful of Witnesses, Author: R. L. Stine
Title: Vintage Death, Author: Lisa Jackson
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Title: The Circle, Author: David Hewson
Title: Crossed Double, Author: Joe Hartlaub
Title: Boldt's Broken Angel, Author: Ridley Pearson
Title: Bedtime for Mr. Li, Author: David J. Montgomery
Title: The Fifth World, Author: Javier Sierra
Title: On the Run, Author: Carla Neggers
Title: Watch Out for My Girl, Author: Joan Johnston
Title: Ghost Writer, Author: Gary Braver
Title: Through a Veil Darkly, Author: Kathleen Antrim
Title: Suspension of Disbelief, Author: Tim Maleeny
Title: Killing Time, Author: Jon Land
Title: The House on Pine Terrace, Author: Phillip Margolin
Title: Iced, Author: Harry Hunsicker
Title: The Weapon, Author: Jeffery Deaver

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